By Alex Faiers

7 Reasons Why Recruitment Agencies Should Invest In Marketing Automation

Here are seven reasons why recruitment agencies should invest in marketing automation.

#1 More job applications

It’s a no brainer right? Keep inviting your candidates back enticing them with more jobs, more info, and more targeted helpful advice – it can only have a positive effect on application numbers.

#2 More engagement

Keep them engaged with your agency and your brand, rather than checking out the competition. Keep them coming back and drive engagement levels through the roof.

#3 Attract better candidates

Using marketing automation will help you become the authority in your sector – rise above your competitors by delivering real value on an ongoing basis, and the best candidates will come to you.

#4 Building brand loyalty

Attracting and keeping the best candidates using marketing automation over time will help build you a team of brand evangelists.

#5 Automating processes

Free up resource by automating processes, such as onboarding, training, testimonials… if you can name it, you can automate it!

#6 Educating your candidates

Don’t rely on them reading you helpful resource section online, keep them up-to-date and educated with the latest news, training, advice and helpful tips.

#7 Increasing application success

Give your candidates every chance of success by coaching them through the process via your email nurturing campaign.
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