How to check if your jobs are included in Google Jobs

2 min read Do you feel a bit like every other agency knows a secret, and they’re not letting on… Is everyone else getting hidden traffic that you don’t know about!? Google Jobs is a little like that. Are you in, are you not, does it matter? As you’ll all know, Google has been shaping […]

How (and why) to Beef Up Your Recruitment Agency With Video

With over 10m jobs on LinkedIn at any one time, and recruiters jostling for attention – just how are you supposed to stand out from the crowd? If you want to engage with the best and brightest candidates – then video is one of your best weapons. Recruitment agencies like yours, using video, are getting […]

5 Pieces of Content You Need On Your Recruitment Website

By now, you probably know that content is really important for your recruitment website and not just the kind of content that you put on your homepage and leave there for all eternity. We’re talking fresh, regular content that keeps you at the top of your game and keeps attracting potential clients. Why is creating […]

SEO 101 for Recruitment Agencies

A lot of agency owners think that investing in a new website is enough. Build it and the candidates will come flooding in. But if it was that easy, everyone would rank number one. Don’t underestimate the importance of a well-optimised website and the more that you understand about the process, the more successful your […]

Facebook for Recruitment

Facebook is just for cat videos and watching what your old school friends did at the weekend, right? It’s not for serious recruiters, surely. Actually, Facebook is targeting the jobs market, and whether you like it or not, it warrants your attention. Smart recruiters have actually been utilising Facebook for some time, its targeting abilities […]

How To Clarify Your Recruitment Marketing So It Actually Works

Sorry to break this to you, but. No one cares about your recruitment agency. Sorry. And when it comes to your website – people care even less. A lot of agencies think they need to throw the kitchen sink at their website… We need high impact visuals, some video, social sharing, illustrations, the jobs search, […]

What’s https and should my website be using it?

If you treat your website security as somewhat of an afterthought, something that you’ll get to at some point, then you’re really missing a trick. Not only are you underestimating the importance of data security but the possible impact on your bottom line. Not only is it your corporate responsibility to take the personal data […]

How to Use Remarketing to Target the Right Clients and Candidates

Getting more eyeballs on your website is hard, right? Put your hand up if you want to get more candidates for your job roles or more clients to come onboard with you. If your hand is in the air, you’re not alone. Reaching a wider audience is the biggest struggle for most businesses, particularly in […]

7 Reasons Why Recruitment Agencies Should Invest In Marketing Automation

Here are seven reasons why recruitment agencies should invest in marketing automation. #1 More job applications It’s a no brainer right? Keep inviting your candidates back enticing them with more jobs, more info, and more targeted helpful advice – it can only have a positive effect on application numbers. #2 More engagement Keep them engaged […]