How To Clarify Your Recruitment Marketing So It Actually Works

Sorry to break this to you, but. No one cares about your recruitment agency. Sorry. And when it comes to your website – people care even less. A lot of agencies think they need to throw the kitchen sink at their website… We need high impact visuals, some video, social sharing, illustrations, the jobs search, […]

7 Reasons Why Recruitment Agencies Should Invest In Marketing Automation

Here are seven reasons why recruitment agencies should invest in marketing automation. #1 More job applications It’s a no brainer right? Keep inviting your candidates back enticing them with more jobs, more info, and more targeted helpful advice – it can only have a positive effect on application numbers. #2 More engagement Keep them engaged […]

11 reasons why your recruitment website isn’t working

If you are disappointed with the stats you are seeing, here are 11 reasons why your recruitment website might be under-performing… #1 Not monitoring traffic correctly You might have analytics setup, but do you have goals set up correctly and are you measuring those goals and working it through to get a return on your […]